This past week or so has been one of sadness for not only our youth group but our community as a whole.

A week ago Thursday, two students in our youth ministry lost their mom to a stroke. Jenny and Reba Wilson have experienced much adversity in their lives and it doesn't end with their mom passing away. Their dad died 7 years ago (cause unknown at this time) and their mom Becky had been raising them as a single mom since then. Jenny has moved in with her best friend here in Webster City, Hilary Lang. Reba has just today left for Georgia to live with an Aunt and Uncle there. Girls we are sorry for your loss and you are in our prayers.

Then this past Monday evening we had 4 teenage boys from Webster City involved in a tragic car accident that cost 2 of them their lives. Richard Goettsch and Micheal Carpenter died on Monday, December 10. Two others, Jamie Johnson and Nevin Reed were injured in the accident, but are said to be stable and beginning to heal physically.

For students in WC who may read this, there have been or are in the process of being created by WCHS students 2 MY SPACE pages in memory of Richard (in loving memory of Richard) and Micheal (title unknown but in progress). Be sure to search for them or ask your friends where to find them.

May God be with you all during this difficult time

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