This past week or so has been one of sadness for not only our youth group but our community as a whole.

A week ago Thursday, two students in our youth ministry lost their mom to a stroke. Jenny and Reba Wilson have experienced much adversity in their lives and it doesn't end with their mom passing away. Their dad died 7 years ago (cause unknown at this time) and their mom Becky had been raising them as a single mom since then. Jenny has moved in with her best friend here in Webster City, Hilary Lang. Reba has just today left for Georgia to live with an Aunt and Uncle there. Girls we are sorry for your loss and you are in our prayers.

Then this past Monday evening we had 4 teenage boys from Webster City involved in a tragic car accident that cost 2 of them their lives. Richard Goettsch and Micheal Carpenter died on Monday, December 10. Two others, Jamie Johnson and Nevin Reed were injured in the accident, but are said to be stable and beginning to heal physically.

For students in WC who may read this, there have been or are in the process of being created by WCHS students 2 MY SPACE pages in memory of Richard (in loving memory of Richard) and Micheal (title unknown but in progress). Be sure to search for them or ask your friends where to find them.

May God be with you all during this difficult time


Hi all,
Got this awesome video (neat version of the 12 days of Christmas song) sent to me by my cousin Karen the other day and thought it was great and would like to share it with you all...click here for it...Or you can also find it embedded in the under the "gotta see it" section.

Later EH!



Hi everyone,

I came across this crazy video today...haven't we all been there at one time or another
In case the other links don't work, here it is... http://glumbert.com/wii/view.php?name=baddayoffice


Later EH!


Hi all,
just a quick not to let you know some bad news...Amy and I just got back from the hospital in Boone, IA where Amy's Dad, Alan Odegaard, has passed away at the age of 61. He has been in poor health for a while and was admitted Wed AM at around 2 in the morning and hadn't been given much of a chance to recover from the sever pneumonia or even the possible Lung cancer he had.
Please continue to keep us and our family in our thoughts and prayers.
Thank you to those who have been a support to us this whole time,

Later EH!


Here are just a few updates about members both sides of our family:

Being as it was Thanksgiving here in the US, we spent the majority of the day with both the Fletchall side of the family as well as the Odegaard family. It seems as though all that were present are doing well. Nieces and Nephews are growing taller and getting older. Family is getting larger in number as new "Special Someone's" enter into the picture.

As far as who was or wasn't there, I'm not going to go into great detail. But in terms of immediate family Amy's dad wasn't able to join us today as he has been struggling with the flew the last couple of days and living in Ogden, IA (we were able to talk to Alan tonight after the festivities were finished). Also, Amy's brother Eric, who is still in the Navy and stationed in San Diego, CA, was absent but on the brighter side we had a great conversation with him this evening while he was on break from his "Duties." As far as extended family goes, we missed bits and pieces from different families and for various reasons. But as noted most are doing well.

Please keep Grandma Gertie, in California, in your prayers. Your health is beginning to fail and she has spent time going back forth between the hospital's ICU and an Assisted Living residence. She is struggling with Colon cancer and has daily ups and downs.

I hope you all enjoyed this day with your family,

Later EH!


You know that on a day like today there is so much going on that sometimes we can lose focus on what Thanksgiving Day is really to be about. Yes the all the food is great, the time with family is great and even the time watching football is great. However if that is all we see on this day we have sadly missed the most important blessing of all. Christ dying on the cross for our sins.

How many of us didn't take time to sit in the quiet and still of communion with God, but we took the time to stuff our face, watch our sports, put up the Christmas Decorations and whatever else we do. I must admit I didn't always feel this way but for some reason this thanksgiving connected on a deeper level with me then years past. I can't say it is because of the morning devotion I had or anything else I did...all I know is that this year when it comes to be thankful it meant more then food, family and fun...it was about what Christ has done, all that He's given as well as how much our lives have been blessed beyond the stuff, the money and the possessions.

As this Thanksgiving comes to an end I want you challenge yourself by asking this quesiton. How much time did I spend thanking the Lord for the blessings He gave in comparison to the amount of time I spent eating the food set before me?

Later EH!


As I listened to Ray this past Sunday I had the scripture below running through my mind and wanted to share it with you this week. It is a great reminder of what we should be thankful for and to whom we are thankful to as well as a reminder of who God is. It seems all to easy to forget what God has done amidst the busyness, the distractions and the got to have’s. Take the opportunity this week to GIVE THANKS TO THE LORD!

1Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.
2Give thanks to the God of gods. His love endures forever.
3Give thanks to the Lord of lords: His love endures forever.
4to him who alone does great wonders, His love endures forever.
5who by his understanding made the heavens, His love endures forever.
6who spread out the earth upon the waters, His love endures forever.
7who made the great lights—His love endures forever.
8the sun to govern the day, His love endures forever.
9the moon and stars to govern the night; His love endures forever.
26Give thanks to the God of heaven. His love endure forever.
(Palm 136: 1-9, 26)

From our family to yours, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Steve & Amy


Each morning Amy and I read a passage of scripture and then participate in a prayer time together. And this morning, let me tell you was amazing. Have you ever gone a while without reading a certain passage of scripture, yet you know every time you read the text it impacts you, but you forget how much? It happens to me and this morning Amy and I continued reading from the book of Matthew, and not just any part but our chapter to study/discuss was Matthew 5.

Now I have, and always will love reading the gospels, but I must admit that it had been a while ago that I last delved into the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5, 6 & 7) and I forgot what an eye opener it was. To make things even more interesting Amy and I will read scripture from various translations depending on the morning as well as use a parallel bible for reference and clarification on tricky spots...today we read Matthew 5 out of Eugene Patterson's "The Message," a modern day paraphrase of the scripture (usually we will use NIV, but a translation I like more and more is the English Standard Version - the ESV). Check out Matthew 5 of "The Message" here. If you don't have a copy at home here is a link to Amazon where they sell it.

I'll be pondering Matthew 5 most of the day today since it is my day off...so don't be surprised to see an entry later on actually talking about what I read.

Later Eh!


Here is the other side of the postcard we presented at our Annual Meeting. I am really excited about the vision that is beginning to take root here. Simply praying now that others in our church will begin to get excited about the possibilities and the opportunities to minister in our community, with our community as well as to our community!
PS: The tag line that got cut off under our logo is:


Here is side 1 of the postcard advertising our new vision at WCCOC and that was presented at this year's Annual Meeting. I believe it sums up our call as believers in Christ rather simply and straight forward, don't you?!


I came across this link to a Time Starved Marriage Assesment in the book Amy & I are currently studying called Your Time Starved Marriage by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot of http://www.reelrelationships.com/ . The Parrot's are two of our favorite authors and this is the 2nd book/study guide we've down with them. Amy and I love the opportunity to spend quality time with each other and the resources the Parrot's provide are a great tool of opening communication lines. Highly reccomend anything by them.


It is amazing to see what God places in front of you to combat the circumstance around you. Our senior pastor and I were just talking the other day of the battle that is coming the way of WCCOC because we are moving, changing & shaping our ministries. And let's just say...it is happening all around us. I don't mean just the staff. Many of our families feel the strain today a fight they have in their own marriages, spiritual lives, work environments and relationships around them. And we cannot forget that our students go through the same thing...to illustrate, click here to see this VIDEO the depicts the life of a teenager. It is intense...It is amazing...It is accurate...It is what your child might be going through even as you read this. Please take time today to listen to your children...hear for real what they have to say.


I can honestly say that I know I have been busy the last little while but I didn't think I would blow off this blog as easy as I have! I mean really, has it been since July that I last blogged?

This past couple of weeks I have been blessed by having my mom down from Canada for a visit it was great having her here...I am certainly shopped out! We got to see all that she wanted as well as do a number of things she had in mind. It was a great time together!

Tonight I just got back from handing out candy and Christian Tracts down at the church to all the "Trick or Treaters." Had a lot of kids show up and overall had a great time...except for the cold.

Well I best get going...be writing more in the days n' weeks to come.

Later EH!

To Choose or NOT To Choose!

I came across this quote in my inbox from last week's Rick Warren in his Ministry Toolbox, and I thought I would share it with you.

God Bless

"A church must choose to grow or not to grow. Many churches have deliberately chosen not to grow. They make that choice in a variety of ways. They make it by the programs they offer. They make it by the amount of time and energy they invest in evangelism. They make the decision by the size of the building they choose to build.... If we really love God and we really love people, then the desire for church growth cannot be optional." - Rick Warren


Man am I ever excited...next week me and 3 of my friends are heading over to Galena, IL to play Eagle Ridge Golf Course which we won free green fees to at an event last year in Rice Point, IA.

I haven't hit the course much this year but our church is starting a new golf ministry with "you know who" leading it. So I am excited about that and here are the details for those who are interest...please be at the course at least 15 minutes before tee time!

Date Where Tee Off Format and/or Game
6/24 **Dougusta **2pm **2 person scramble
7/1 **Briggs Woods **4pm^^ Wolf
7/8 **Briggs Woods **2pm **3 - 4 person scramble
7/22 **Briggs Woods **2pm **Shamble
7/29 **Dougusta **2pm **Las Vegas
8/5 **Briggs Woods **4pm^^ 2 person scramble
8/12 **Briggs Woods **2pm **Bingo - Bango - Bongo x2
8/26 **Dougusta **2pm **2 person scramble
9/3 (Mon) **Briggs Woods **2pm*** 3 In 1 (18 Hole Event)


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to recap our sports camp we just completed. We had an amazing week with over 85 different students participating in 1 of 4 different sports (basketball, soccer, cheerleading and football). Both the kids and all the coaches had a great time and really enjoyed the week. We will look forward to doing another sports camp next year for our elementry students as well as adding a middle school program as well.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out and made it an amazing event, we could not have done it without you.

Dealing With Difficult People

I came across the following article by Rick Warren in his weekly newsletter known as Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox and thought I would share it. Happy Reading!!

When asked what he considered the most valuable skill in employees, John D. Rockefeller once replied, "The ability to get along with people!" One of the most important skills needed to succeed in life is knowing how to handle troublemakers. Learning to deal with difficult people will enable to avoid needless conflicts.

Troublemakers come in all shapes:
THE SHERMAN TANK - will run over you if you let him.
THE MEGAPHONE - will talk your ear off.
THE BUBBLE BUSTER - deflates everyone's enthusiasm.
THE VOLCANO - has a temper like Mt. St. Helens.
THE CRY BABY - is a chronic complainer.
THE NIT PICKER - is the unpleasable perfectionist.
THE SPACE CADET - is on a different wavelength.

Jesus had to deal with a lot of difficult people. Four methods he modeled through his life:

1. Realize you can't please everybody (John 5:30). Even God can't do that! One wants rain while the other demands sunshine.

2. Refuse to play their game (Matt. 22:18). Learn to say no to unrealistic expectations. Confront them by "telling the truth in love."

3. Never retaliate (Matt. 5:38-39). It only lowers you to their level.

4. Pray for them (Matt. 5:44). It will help both of you. Let God handle them.


Here is the latest article I published in our bi-weekly newsletter known as The Caller. I hope it makes you think.

Have we as a society lost the art of integrating Christ with the living out of our life? Have we failed to see the necessity in passing our faith along in a manner that allows those of a different era or generation or even our peers to understand what a follower of Jesus is to be?
When we call people to faith and they respond, do they understand that they are called o a life of living out God’s will in the world? Do we understand that there is more to Christian life then accepting Jesus and being baptized?

True conversion, true discipleship involves change and transformation in the midst of a sinful world. True conversion is not an isolated experience but one that is filled with growth in moral maturity, a deepening faith and loving service.

In his book, "Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture" Walt Mueller of The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding says it this way: "the goal of our missionary efforts is to call the emerging generations to a compelling faith that transforms every area of life and every nook and cranny of God’s creation." DO WE DO THAT? DO we effectively communicate and live out a faith that is genuine, life altering and transforming to the people around us?

The emerging generations are self-consciously spiritual and their interest is in discussing and examining spirituality has never been greater...

Later Eh!


I know this topic as well as the other’s in coming weeks, might not be everyone’s struggle, it might not effect you personally, it may even make you very uncomfortable, but I do guarantee you that several of you will have friends, families, coworkers whoever that will struggle with one of these topics and you need to know how to help them, how to respond, how to be involved in a positive manner.

The worst thing we can do is think the issues don’t exist, are weird or uncommon…these are real, they are common and they don’t go away when ignored.Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.It is the insane reasoning that ending your own life that a situation will be resolved and will make things better. Suicide is not new it is as old as time.

1. To Escape the Pain of life, "Suicide occurs when there appears to be no available path that will lead to a tolerable existence." R.S. Taylor

2. An unconscious or conscious cry for help. (Elijah & Job)

3. An opportunity for revenge (Samson)

4. A manipulative gesture designed to influence some person who is emotionally close.

5. Quicken an inevitable death (King Saul)

6. To punish themselves for wrong done (Judas)

7. To Follow loved one (Saul’s Armor Bearer)

8. Demonic suggestion and oppression doubtless are significant factors in some (maybe all*) cases.

9. Depression/despair overall life circumstances

‘The number 1 cause of suicide is “UNTREATED DEPRESSION.” For the most part people who are depressed have already thought about suicide and they need to talk about it.

40% of all suicides are an impulse, spur of the moment incredibly stupid, selfish act, all because people wouldn’t take time to talk God or someone who cares.

These are real reasons people make the unreal decision to commit the ultimate act of escape. Please be watching your friends and family to see if they have any of the signs listed above.



Here are some of the helps I published for those struggling with Suicide from the Student Ministry Blog published at wccocstudentsonline.blogspot.com

I don’t think there is anything in this life more heartbreaking than suicide. It affects much more than the one life lost. The family, friends, acquaintances, community and generations to come are affected by the choice to die of one solitary person. Many of us may have at least thought of it personally at some low point in our life. Even though they didn’t attempt suicide the spiritual giants of the Bible Elijah and Job begged God for death in their darkest hours. So what about today? How real is the threat of suicide in America and our teens today?

- 500,000 Americans attempt but survive suicide attempts per year.

- More than 30,000 reported annually (83 per day, 1 every 17 minutes)*

- Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death; But 3rd among Youth (15-24).

- In recent survey 60% of teens thought about it, and 9% had tried at least once.

- Persons under 25 accounted for 15% of all suicides in 2000. (From the 1950’s to the late 70’s the suicide rate increased by 200%.)

- Psychological autopsy studies show that more than 90% of completed suicides had one or more mental disorders.- More people die from suicide than from homicide.

- 4 males commit suicide to every 1 female suicide even though females have more recorded attempts…(Why? Women use less lethal means.)

- Most attempts are from women in their 20’s and 30’s.

- Suicide rates are highest among the divorced, separated, and widowed and lowest among the married.

- 4,135 youth commit suicide every yearI hope you can begin to see the seriouosness of the suicide in America.

Look for posts to follow with more info and helps for suicide later on.