For the past couple of months I have heard at very places rumbles of a new teen habit known as sexting...meaning the intent of communicating with someone with the intent of "hooking up" later either in person or by receiving sexual explicit material ON THEIR PHONE!!!!

I have just received a couple of articles about the topic from which is a great resource on teens and culture today. I have attached links to the 2 articles so you can take the time to read them. "The latest Cell Phone Use: Sexting." and "Sex and Tech"

By the way, Parents did you know the average age for a child's first sexual encounter is 12 years old. And that just under 2 out of every 3 students will graduate from High School with a Sexual Transmitted Disease. If you don't think your child is sexually active, you're being deceived!
Parents you need to be involved in your children's may be awkward and it may be hard...but trust me, it's worth it! Take the time to talk with's for their sake.

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