VACATION 2009 - FLORIDA (part 2)

Next up was Thursday and that meant a trip over to Tampa where we stayed at The Embassy Suites (pictured above) after earlier in the evening watching the Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightening play in the first NHL game either of us had seen in person. It was amazing...Loved every minute of it. Even ran across lots of folks from the maritimes as well as a friend from the PEI.
Speaking of the Maritimes, Friday saw us travel South to Pompano Beach where my grandparents Nan and Pop, a.k.a. Jack and Frances Williams (pictured above) spend a few months every winter. We loved being able to visit with them. They are great folks and we loved every minute we had with them.
Saturday meant home to Iowa. As you can see, we had a great time while we were on VA-K as Amy likes to say, holiday for all the Canadians out there.
Later Eh!

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