Hi all,
It has been a busy week so I thought I'd get my weekly tidbits to you when I had the chance. Enjoy the Morsels!

OK, This article (more like a website about a book but with video) makes me seek. For all you parents and families please take a moment and learn about the new phenomenon amongst middle class white teenage girls in America. I think this will shock some of you! TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN....FOR THEIR SAKE...TALK TO THEM!

LINK OF THE WEEK - http://www.lgdtxtr.com/
for all of you out there who don't have a clue how to text or what is being communicated in a text message, here is a link to a site that does text translating into proper English. Do they have a site for Canadian to American...could sure use the help on occasion?!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK - Winston Churchill
"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK - Matthew 18:10 (The Message)
"Watch that you don't treat a single one of these childlike believers arrogantly. You realize, don't you, that their personal angels are constantly in touch with my Father in heaven?"
OK...I've been asked an awful lot about guardian angels and such...does this verse indicate that there are such beings? and it isn't just a "Message" translation several refer to angels as well. That said, do we all have angels? are they just for while we are children or while we are adults also? Lots of thoughts, would love to hear some feedback.

NEICSC CAMP FORMS - If you still need camp forms they are available at the church office or website as well as the camp website . Need to have them in by June 1st in order to qualify for the Early Bird rate as well as scholarship from the church.

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