I know this topic as well as the other’s in coming weeks, might not be everyone’s struggle, it might not effect you personally, it may even make you very uncomfortable, but I do guarantee you that several of you will have friends, families, coworkers whoever that will struggle with one of these topics and you need to know how to help them, how to respond, how to be involved in a positive manner.

The worst thing we can do is think the issues don’t exist, are weird or uncommon…these are real, they are common and they don’t go away when ignored.Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.It is the insane reasoning that ending your own life that a situation will be resolved and will make things better. Suicide is not new it is as old as time.

1. To Escape the Pain of life, "Suicide occurs when there appears to be no available path that will lead to a tolerable existence." R.S. Taylor

2. An unconscious or conscious cry for help. (Elijah & Job)

3. An opportunity for revenge (Samson)

4. A manipulative gesture designed to influence some person who is emotionally close.

5. Quicken an inevitable death (King Saul)

6. To punish themselves for wrong done (Judas)

7. To Follow loved one (Saul’s Armor Bearer)

8. Demonic suggestion and oppression doubtless are significant factors in some (maybe all*) cases.

9. Depression/despair overall life circumstances

‘The number 1 cause of suicide is “UNTREATED DEPRESSION.” For the most part people who are depressed have already thought about suicide and they need to talk about it.

40% of all suicides are an impulse, spur of the moment incredibly stupid, selfish act, all because people wouldn’t take time to talk God or someone who cares.

These are real reasons people make the unreal decision to commit the ultimate act of escape. Please be watching your friends and family to see if they have any of the signs listed above.


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