Each morning Amy and I read a passage of scripture and then participate in a prayer time together. And this morning, let me tell you was amazing. Have you ever gone a while without reading a certain passage of scripture, yet you know every time you read the text it impacts you, but you forget how much? It happens to me and this morning Amy and I continued reading from the book of Matthew, and not just any part but our chapter to study/discuss was Matthew 5.

Now I have, and always will love reading the gospels, but I must admit that it had been a while ago that I last delved into the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5, 6 & 7) and I forgot what an eye opener it was. To make things even more interesting Amy and I will read scripture from various translations depending on the morning as well as use a parallel bible for reference and clarification on tricky spots...today we read Matthew 5 out of Eugene Patterson's "The Message," a modern day paraphrase of the scripture (usually we will use NIV, but a translation I like more and more is the English Standard Version - the ESV). Check out Matthew 5 of "The Message" here. If you don't have a copy at home here is a link to Amazon where they sell it.

I'll be pondering Matthew 5 most of the day today since it is my day off...so don't be surprised to see an entry later on actually talking about what I read.

Later Eh!

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