Here are just a few updates about members both sides of our family:

Being as it was Thanksgiving here in the US, we spent the majority of the day with both the Fletchall side of the family as well as the Odegaard family. It seems as though all that were present are doing well. Nieces and Nephews are growing taller and getting older. Family is getting larger in number as new "Special Someone's" enter into the picture.

As far as who was or wasn't there, I'm not going to go into great detail. But in terms of immediate family Amy's dad wasn't able to join us today as he has been struggling with the flew the last couple of days and living in Ogden, IA (we were able to talk to Alan tonight after the festivities were finished). Also, Amy's brother Eric, who is still in the Navy and stationed in San Diego, CA, was absent but on the brighter side we had a great conversation with him this evening while he was on break from his "Duties." As far as extended family goes, we missed bits and pieces from different families and for various reasons. But as noted most are doing well.

Please keep Grandma Gertie, in California, in your prayers. Your health is beginning to fail and she has spent time going back forth between the hospital's ICU and an Assisted Living residence. She is struggling with Colon cancer and has daily ups and downs.

I hope you all enjoyed this day with your family,

Later EH!

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