You know that on a day like today there is so much going on that sometimes we can lose focus on what Thanksgiving Day is really to be about. Yes the all the food is great, the time with family is great and even the time watching football is great. However if that is all we see on this day we have sadly missed the most important blessing of all. Christ dying on the cross for our sins.

How many of us didn't take time to sit in the quiet and still of communion with God, but we took the time to stuff our face, watch our sports, put up the Christmas Decorations and whatever else we do. I must admit I didn't always feel this way but for some reason this thanksgiving connected on a deeper level with me then years past. I can't say it is because of the morning devotion I had or anything else I did...all I know is that this year when it comes to be thankful it meant more then food, family and was about what Christ has done, all that He's given as well as how much our lives have been blessed beyond the stuff, the money and the possessions.

As this Thanksgiving comes to an end I want you challenge yourself by asking this quesiton. How much time did I spend thanking the Lord for the blessings He gave in comparison to the amount of time I spent eating the food set before me?

Later EH!

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